Meat and poultry industry

HDPE or LDPE film packaging, mainly of a protective nature, made to order in the form of cut, rolled or bottom sealed blocked “calendar” type bags. Used, among others, for lining cartons/crates intended for food storage, i.e. meat, fish, dairy products. The product can have overlaps so that it fits perfectly into containers with a rectangular base, including E1, E2 and E3.

Bags for crates and cartons

HDPE/LDPE bags for lining E1, E2,E3 boxes or cartons. Manufactured to customer specifications.

Bags for freezing

LDPE/MDPE bags used for freezing food, very popular in the poultry industry.

Blocked bags

Bags that have a block/hangers to facilitate product distribution.

Sleeves, half-sleeves, tapes

PE film produced by extrusion blow moulding. The film can be used in a wide temperature range: from deep-freezing to packing hot products.

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